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100 x 1mg Etizolam blotters

Not for human consumption

1 sheet/order due to limited stock


Purity: 99.99% min

Soy based ink: 100 x 1mg

High absorbancy perforated blotting paper: 9x9mm

The Etizolam is manufactured under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009 specifications.

19 reviews for Etizolam

  1. Dave

    I’m shocked, will definitely buy again.

  2. Chris Kyler Derma

    Arrived unscathed, thanks.

  3. George

    So glad we found you…the taste is…just beyond words

  4. Matthew L Johnson

    This is wonderful, Highly recommended!

  5. TJ


  6. Joshua Orellana

    What can I say, this was an incredible price and will continue to buy.

  7. Dr Jo

    Excellent compound!

  8. sheila bundy

    Great buy and fast shipping.

  9. Jeanette K. Ford

    They also spent a very short time in the delivery, arriving sooner than expected.

  10. Normand Richard

    Was super excited when gotten it. Soooo good!!

  11. Shabana Aslam

    Yes, this chemical is unbeatable, but I’m giving this a four star instead of a five star strictly because of payment issues for my first order.

  12. Jeff Lafreniere

    this is fantastic.

  13. Wilma Rodz

    who doesn’t love etizolam.

  14. Jim Horvath

    I was really excited to find this product, it is a really good option.

  15. Leo

    arrived in a good condition

  16. Jenny Corbett

    SO Surprised

  17. Jennifer Hanson

    I am so pleased to have found this laboratory.

  18. Kerry Harker

    Well worth the price.

  19. Jerry

    Excellent product, an entire party can enjoy.

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